कोई है / Koi Hain?! / Is Anybody There?!

A multi sensory work that questions if a watching presence is experienced as a silent disciplinary power?  And if anyone is monitoring these systems, whether in faith or through technology? Addressing notions of surveillance both imagined and literal: how we often find security in being "watched" - either via a faith-interred "all-seeing eye" or “consent-based” data collection - and how we negotiate the anxiety that emerges from that awareness.

This work is a new iteration of the project/photobook, Seeking Moksha and serves as a proof of concept for a larger installation.

Consisting of photographs, video, objects, a screen print and a responsive sound experience, each visit becomes as unique as the mapping of the sounds across the space is re-seeded every day to produce a unique journey for each visitor.  The sound is performed by the viewer, responding to how they navigate the space.

The sound installation was developed for a 7.1 surround system built at Lake.  It uses a MaxMSP patch (a visual programming language) programmed to use a combination of Computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms (Flucoma) to spatialise live reactions to the visitor's position and movements in the space. Original recordings are spread across the space in clusters. 

These sounds are triggered through Ableton Live (a digital audio workstation) as the device watches for the overlap between its own map and what it observes of the visitors' location in the space using a camera above. 

The sound design was aided by the Develop Your Creative Practice Grant by Arts Council England.

Photographs / Film / Sound recordings: Nishant Shukla 
Sound Installation: Nishant Shukla & James Wilkie
Film Edit: Rana Ghose